Parent Coaching

Do you ever feel out of your depth as a mama or papa? Do you need someone to talk too? Someone to ask advice about parenting?

At Keep Growing Counselling, I offer Parent Coaching and mindset Master Classes. Through a consciousness parenting approach, I can offer space to work alongside you, to help navigate challenging and complex issues within the family unit.

What is Parent Coaching and WHY would I need it?

Because…sometimes we simply need that person in our corner! We hear all the time that parenting is the hardest job in the world, and it is. But…it doesn’t have to be with the correct support and encouragement.

At Keep Growing Counselling, we are here to be that encouraging presence! That person that can support YOU! A person that can give you that boost of confidence!

Parent Coaching is an alternative modality to traditional counselling. It can be short or long term and utilised in many ways.

At Keep Growing Counselling, we can develop services that cater for you and your family. Parenting is the one job in the world that there is no job description. No manual. No guidelines.

Why not invest in a parent coach?

There is a strength in saying I need help and recognising when we as parents need strategies to assist our children or ourselves.

Contact me today if you are interested in sessions within the parenting coaching and mindset mastering.