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Keep Growing Counselling 

Sarah Florenze 
B.Ed. M.A.C.A
Clinical Counsellor. Teacher. Parent Coach. 

Keep Growing Counselling truly makes a difference in the lives of children, adolescents, and parents alike.

Keep Growing Counselling was founded and developed by Sarah Florenze who is a registered counsellor, primary school teacher and educational therapist with the Australian Counselling Association of Australia, who lives and works on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales.   


Sarah has been a tremendous support for both me and my son. We are grateful for her knowledge, patience and nonjudgmental advice. With the pandemic we tackled school refusal, social anxieties, and Sarah listened, understood and accepted every challenge with open arms and an open mind. One of the greatest tools is asking for help and we are so glad we did. 


Clinical Client

Sarah has been a godsend for our family, from the moment we first walked through the door for our very first appointment, my daughter felt her warmth, connected with her and had a huge sense of trust and guidance from Sarah. Sarah’s support and care is beyond amazing. She has supported our daughter through a very tough and scary time, she’s reached out to check in, been there when we needed her and guided not only our daughter but our whole family. I cannot recommend Sarah enough, she cares so much, is so knowledgeable, has a great calmness and ability to connect. Her space she has created is so inviting and warm, honestly you just can’t wait to go back time and time again! If you know someone that is struggling, I will not hesitate to reach out to Sarah. Because of Sarah we have our happy girl back, she’s smiling every day and continues to grow within herself, Sarah has helped her find her loving, caring self-worth again. We cannot thank Sarah enough and are so grateful she has come into our lives.  


Clinical Client