Why Counselling at all?

Because the simple answer is it can really help.

Counselling can mean different things for different people!

At Keep Growing Counselling, this space is adaptable to suit your child/adolescents’ individual needs and/or parents.

I want to change the way children, adolescents and parents perceive counselling. I want to pave new pathways for my clients to engage in counselling.

Counselling doesn’t need to be traditional; it just needs to work!

Counselling can help process our thoughts, our feelings, and our emotions. Counselling is commonly known, as a ‘talking therapy’.

Allowing clients to discuss their problems and any difficult feelings they are encountering in a safe, confidential space.

During counselling at Keep Growing we will uncover root causes of behaviour and identify specific ways of thinking.

We can therefore make achievable goals and a plan of action to help reconcile issues, disharmony in reactions and find coping mechanisms that provide a base for an improved mindset. 

Why choose Keep Growing Counselling? 

At Keep Growing Counselling, I can assist in supporting you and your family to develop your own skill set to forge into your life, confidently and with courage. By combining my extensive experience as a primary school teacher and registered counsellor with a master's degree, I can provide a mixture of skills, with the professional standards and educational background that can make the difference with helping your child and adolescent grow.

Your counselling journey begins here at Keep Growing Counselling. Throughout counselling, healing and growth will occur and as a result of working together on your goals and walking in the direction of growth, I truly believe anything is possible.

I can assure you by choosing Keep Growing Counselling, your family and children will develop healthy mindsets through dedicated time, effort, and consistency, guidance and support; where confidence will grow, and mindsets will be made stronger.

I Work With:


5 - 12 years old 


13 -18+ years old 

Parents & Couples

Helping redefine the mind


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