A healthy mind! We all crave one!

But… sometimes there is something about a ‘mindset’ which can be hard to maintain.
At Keep Growing Counselling, I use an integrated and holistic approach to develop growth and development of young people, children and parents alike. 

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Hi there, I'm SARAH!

I'm so glad you're here!

I grew up as a child watching my father struggle with serious mental health issues all throughout my childhood and adult life and as a result, became a child who was overly anxious, scared, and dysregulated.

I have struggled with my own mental health all throughout my life with anxious presentations but as an adult quickly learnt that understanding our own struggle is the best way we can keep growing and learning how to be the best version of ourselves.

Dedicating myself and completing my bachelor's degree and master’s degree, through education, study, and lived experience, I have built a strong mindset that now provides my life with a regulated, calm state of mind that navigates life’s challenges in a way that is consistent and courageous.

As life sometimes can be unpredictable, the best gift we can give our children and ourselves is investing in building a mind that is strong and steadfast.

Becoming a mother in 2015, was the biggest learning curve and mental struggle I have ever faced.

After suffering multiple complications and almost losing my life during my labour, I developed severe Post-Partum Anxiety and PTSD which changed my life forever.

After seeking help and having the assistance of supportive therapists, mental health practitioners and mentors, I look back on my time of mental struggles and appreciate the darkness, because now I know the work that is required to heal from severe birth trauma, PTSD and anxiety.

I have walked the walk,
I have certainly talked the talk and I am confident,
I can help you; your child and families heal too.

Let's all keep growing together at Keep Growing Counselling.

Bringing Keep Growing Counselling to life! 

Childhood, parenthood and adolescents, can often be a confusing, confronting and complex time of development, change and growth. Seeking help from a certified and accredited professional can give perspectives within reframing and supporting the client and family unit’s needs.

At Keep Growing Counselling, I help train the young minds of tomorrow to adapt and find balance in their futures with strong, flexible mindsets. Counselling was an avenue I wanted to explore deeper after working as a Primary School Teacher in the outer suburbs of Melbourne for many years.

As a teacher I faced multiple students who had various mental health issues daily. These students needed more. They needed someone who truly understood their challenges and could navigate them through tough times. It became an incredible passion of mine, to encounter the hardest most challenging cases and make a difference.

The essence of Wellbeing is very important and building a village of support is paramount to children and adolescents when setting up individuals for emotional success.

I completed my Master's of Counselling at Monash University in Melbourne, graduating with Honours and worked as an Early Learning Centre and Primary School Counsellor within the public and private schooling systems, assisting students with daily challenges for many years.

It became a labor of love and as a result, I knew I wanted to create my own business to reach more children and parents with simple and effective strategies to conquer life’s challenges.

Therefore; “Keep Growing Counselling” was founded!

A platform to reach those who need support, counselling and/or mentorship to feel supported and succeed in life.

I look forward to working with children, adolescents, parents and families to assist in the daily struggles of life.

As I have always said “a problem shared, is problem halved and with a strong mindset, we can all keep growing”.